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Her hands on my dick part 2
Robyn - Her hands on my dick part 2

As you can see from Part 1, Robyn was desperate to be a "dirty little street ho". It's all so different now, in my day girls aspired to be doctors, nurses, or perhaps help in the Land Army. Nowadays they want to be "Street 'ho's". Well who am I to dissuade them. Robyn this week, has her wish granted, caking on the make-up and putting her hair in bunches, donning stockings and heels. Wow what a babe and what a shag! I am writing this in Budapest folks, in search of new, cute teens to ravage for you, so watch this space!


Her hands on my dick
Robyn - Her hands on my dick

I'm afraid that this week's babe is so damn cute, I couldn't fit her cuteness into a one week update. Just the stripey knee-high's got me going to start with, I mean, fancy a girl wearing something like stripey knee-highs underneath her trousers, what's the world coming to? Anyway, getting her on the bed, for her preliminary bout of camcorder fun, seemed to drive her sex mad and I had to fight her off getting her hands on my dick......for a full 30 seconds! So settle back and enjoy a closeup view of a babe desperate for cock!


Kinky clobber milf
Lily - Kinky clobber milf

Well, everyones going nuts over this "St Trinians" malarky, so I thought, why can't I do my own little tribute to this great icon of nostalgia. Actually it was really the gorgeous Lilly's idea, since she happened to have an old school uniform in her arsenal of kinky clobber. So I don't think I really need to say anymore, but simply.........enjoy!


Porn in sleazy Surrey
Casey - Porn in sleazy Surrey

As you know, tasty birds are always contacting me to get shagged and then get on my site. Some of them are nice and some of them, well, not so nice. Anyway, the lovely Casey fell into the, "Very nice", category, so I got her over. She's been in LA for some time, so it must have been strange doing porn in sleazy Surrey. Anyway she looked great dressed up and was a great shag.


100000 Forint challenge part 2
Helena - 100000 Forint challenge part 2

Well poor old Tony, must have been going crazy with frustration, having to watch Lara and Helena, prodding each others minges with gay abandon. Finally, he got to join in and fuck the pair of them, which he did with gusto! The icing on the cake, or should I say, "The croutons on the Goulash soup" was trying to get his dick in the lovely Helena's bum-hole!


100000 Forint challenge
Lara Latex - 100000 Forint challenge

Here's a nice little 2 parter for you all. This time, Lara demanded that she should be let loose on the streets of Budapest, to see if she could find a guy willing to participate in her, "Lara's 100,000 FORINT Challenge". Well, with the promise of getting to shag, both her and a gorgeous, blonde pornstar it was quite easy to find a willing guy. In fact so easy, she found one in the lobby of the place we were staying! Well, he was gobsmacked to be invited in and get to see, Lara and Helena getting into some hot XXX LESBO ACTION! and getting a quick grope or two into the bargain.


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