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Porn from Eastbourne
Fuschia - Porn from Eastbourne

This week we are back again in the UK on the "Cannes of The South Coast", ie Eastbourne with the lovely, sex-crazed Fuschia. Named after the plant with pink flowers that is native to South America. Of course you lot wouldn't care about such things. All you'd want to know is, "Hey Jim, did you get your dick up her arse?", to which I would answer, "Yes, my good man, I did indeed, place my appendage, in said girl's arse!" Anyway, Fuschia did a great performance as a wanton slut.


Cute little blonde slut
Bea - Cute little blonde slut

Now for your delectation, may I present the gorgeous cute little blonde: Bea.Yes I know, she doesn't speak a word of English, but look at my face, do I look as if I care? No I don't. She's a babe and she likes cock and that's good enough for me!


Ready to get arrested
Alex - Ready to get arrested

When we first met Alex she told us she was a police officer and sure enough, when she entered the room in her uniform I was ready to get arrested by her. Anytime! She handled her truncheon like I have never seen any policewoman doing, especially when I massaged her tits a little. She kept her uniform on while we were shagging away and I must say it was quite an ecperience. I still have my doubts if she would really walk the streets in that outfit and get taken serieous by anyone...


Loves needlework and cooking 2
Lily - Loves needlework and cooking 2

You're not going to believe it, but along with needlework and pastry making, Lily loves anal sex. Yes i know it doesn't make sense, but in some ways it does. I've always found the the sweetest girls are the dirtiest when it comes to sex.In this episode Lily completely forgets about me and purely concentrates on enjoying my cock. Firstly lubing her own bum up, then my dick and then simply jamming it into her hole in every position she and lara could think of. Did either of them care a damn on what I wanted? No! I was cast aside like an old sock, all she wanted was my cock!


Loves needlework and cooking
Lily - Loves needlework and cooking

Just when you thought the babes couldn't get any better, then Lily comes along. Yes, believe it or not, this girl lives at home and loves to do needlework and cook in the evenings. To be honest, I nearly fainted when i saw her, just the knowledge that I was going to get my hands in her knickers, was enough to bring me to the point of collapse. Lara fell head over heels in love and seethed with jealously as I pounced on Lily and pawed her with desperation.


Fucking gorgeous babe
Sarah - Fucking gorgeous babe

This weeks total babe is called Sarah. You will notice a flurry of beautiful Hungarian babes coming up. "Why do you always film in Budapest, Jim?" I hear you say, well it's because the girls are FUCKING GORGEOUS and HOT....end of story! Sarah is no exception, she doesn't speech much English, but who cares with a body like that. Next week, your eyes will pop out of your heads when you see the spectacular Lily!


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