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British Baywatch babe
Tia - British Baywatch babe

You're going to go nuts when you see the absolute babe Tia get dressed up in a baby doll outfit. Problem was, she looked like a "Baby Doll" whatever I dressed her up in. She reminded me of a Baywatch babe. You'd expect to see her running up and down Malibu Beach, not in the car park of Lidl! But that's the power of my, "£500 Challenges", girls just can't resist the thought of getting their greedy mits on all that wonga and treating themselves to mountains of chocs and new shoes! Anyway I'm giving her full marks for sheer BABILICIOUSNESS!


Attempt an arse-fuck part 2
Sara - Attempt an arse-fuck part 2

You have to admit, these little Hungarian girls are just so damn cute and they just love sex! Anyway, I changed the lovely little Sara into some trademark kinky clobber, stockings, thigh length boots, you know the usual stuff we all love. We carried on fucking each other, with a rather beautiful panorama of the Danube through the window, not that I was taking much notice at the time. Anyway we had a lot of fun trying to get my dick up her lovely tight arse, with some success at the end. Next week we have an absolute babe called Tia from Liverpool for you to enjoy.


Win 500 smackeroos
Jet - Win 500 smackeroos

Here's another winner of my stupid competition to win 500 smackeroos. Only this time it's a GIANT JUGGED, Scouser, babe who works in a womens prison. Well it's everybody's fantasy, right? Stern female prison officer taking advantage of the hapless inmates, all desperate for hot xxx lesbo action. Her stories will make your hair curl. Wow was she hot, after all the minge-munching she was desperate from some, good 'ol fashion, "Finger lickin'" hard cock and I just couldn't get enough of dem juggs!


Competition for television
Paris - Competition for television

Welcome to week 3 of "Jimslip's Festival of Teens", with the lovely Paris from England. She was so cute I just had to keep changing her outfit, but settled in the end with pink frilly knickers and stockings, (As usual). Her dental work played havoc with my dick, but once we got going, she gave a fabulous BG and I couldn't wait to get jammed into her, especially with the pink knickers on, (Her wearing them not me!) So settle down for a little feast of cuteness.


A festival of teens
Niki - A festival of teens

Well it's been the "Jim Slip Festival Of Teens", what with Devon last week and now the lovely Niki this week. Yes yet another "Winner" of my BIG MONEY Challenge, where lovely young girls must answer a simple question correctly to win an enormous sum and get to shag me! Niki is a perfectly formed Hungarian, blonde, little babe, who fulfilled all the rampantness that only cute, natural girls, can do and she chewed gum as well! Ya can keep ya pornstars, with all their bullshit, shouting and screaming, who afterwards run back to their, "Suitcase pimps" and give them all their money! No, give me well scrubbed, normal girls any day!


Be a Mini-Millionaire
Devon - Be a Mini-Millionaire

Well folks, here's the lovely Devon, who took up the Jim Slip, "Be a Mini-Millionaire" Challenge. Yes, you can be a 2000th of a MILLIONAI