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The cutest little arse 2
Alma - The cutest little arse 2

As I said Alma had the cutest, roundest and tightest little bum this side of The Danube. I didn't mention it last week, but she's said that she was going to try to get my dick in her arse, which was a wonderful idea. As you know the site of a cute girl like this in a tiny skirt and fishnets drives me nuts, so add to the equation a tight little arse, which is available for your cock and I go into apoplectic shock. A mist drops in front of my eyes and I am then under the control of a Dark Force, that forces me to do bad things, bad, bad, things, like jamming my dick up, juicy young arseholes like Alma's! Her arse was indeed "Finger-lickin' good"


The cutest little arse
Alma - The cutest little arse

Lara went-a-trawling for tasty birds and came up trumps with the little babe Alma. It's quite useful having a college next door to my lair in Budapest, cos it is overflowing with tasty crackling, all a bit broke and looking for part time jobs. So fucking me is better than serving Big Macs all day for 6 weeks! Alma was perfect in every way and had a perfect teen body. So perfect in fact that Lara just had to leap on the bed and help get her dressed up, in a tiny skirt, red fishnets and a little top. Wow, what a slut, she had the cutest little arse I've seen in a long time and while she was mucking around under the direction of the Rev Thring, I was sitting their gnawing at my knuckles in the background, counting every second until I could stuff my dick into her and when I did, her tight, juicy, pussy, literally swallowed my dick in one gul...


A young old threesome 2
Nicole - A young old threesome 2

I then took the opportunity of putting the lovely Nicole in some stripey knee high socks, yes, cos I'm a perv and then had the pleasure of both of these babes taking it in turns to suck my dick. You could tell that Nicole was a first timer, by her expression every time my dick squeezed inside her, like a kind of gasp, mixed with shock. I must admit it was very horny doing both of these girls. Like chalk and cheese, Lara being the voluptuous young teen babe and the innocent little skinny waif, I mean what a combo!


A young old threesome
Nicole - A young old threesome

Well here's a real treat for you this week. I had gone to meet that sleazebag, Gustav and noticed him talking to my young pal, Lara. Little did I know that she was in fact his daughter, which was a little embarrassing to say the least. Anyway, she had taken up the family tradition of pimping and she arranged for both herself and another girl, Nicole, to pay me a visit. Well, they both turned up, Lara her usual gorgeous self and Nicole, who was a gorgeous waif-like babe. Looking at them, I thought that it would be perfect if I let them do a little XXX LESBO HARDCORE ACTION scene to get started and maybe join in a bit later. This was extremely horny and to be honest I couldn't help get my dick involved later on!


Blonde Christmas pussy 2
Cindy - Blonde Christmas pussy 2

Well I hope you all had a Happy Xmas and enjoyed Cindy's little Yuletide presentation. Anyway, as it is gawdy tights time at the moment, I naturally put Cindy in a star patterned red ensemble and promptly ripped a hole in them, revealing her gorgeous pussy and arse. I also put her in a micro- mini skirt and some high-heels. To be honest I could have just sat there and wanked while she walked around! But I didn't, after seeing her Xmas show, I was desperate to give her a good screwing, which is exactly what I did.


Blonde Christmas pussy
Cindy - Blonde Christmas pussy

Well it's Xmas week folks and I always make it a tradition to never fuck on 25th December as a mark of respect. This week I bring you Cindy dressed as Santa giving you all a little Christmas cheer accompanied by carols. No expense was spared with the decorations, so please note the 4 sprigs of tinsel hanging off the wardrobe door. In keeping with tradition, I allowed the Rev Thring to film this section and insisted that he hold the camera with both hands, rather with one hand feverishly masturbating as is the norm with the Rev. I don't really object to him doing this, but it is a little embarassing when we are filming in public!


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