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Teen in sexy airline outfit
Candy - Teen in sexy airline outfit

Well, after surviving "Hurricane Tallulah" last week, we're back in the serene waters of a cute little blonde called, "Candy". Yes, you can't beat a smiley little blonde especially when she's dressed up in a sexy airline outfit, complete with stockings and heels. So you can wipe the sweat from your brow after last week's mayhem and sit back and relax while I squeeze my dick in and out of the cute little Candys tight, juicy, hole! There's even more cuteness coming up next week with the beautiful, English Rose, Danni. So watch out for this!


Desperate for real cock 2
Tallulah - Desperate for real cock 2

The girls summoned me to "Do my stuff" with Tallulah, so I put a brave face on and marched in. Tallulah was already rampant from her dildo session and was desperate for some real cock. To be honest I thought she'd laugh out loud when I got it out, but no, she just grabbed it and jammed it down her throat. I thought that she was going to swallow me up completely. This girl couldn't get enough fucking, she was like a girl possessed by the Devil himself. I tried to make a quick call to my local priest, to beg for an exorcist to be dispatched poste haste, but the phone was grabbed from me and I was made to plunge my dick into every hole with no let up. In the end I was instructed to shoot my load into her juicy arse, which I did, without question. By the end I felt like I'd been locked in a washing machine on full-spin, for 30 minutes!


Desperate for real cock
Tallulah - Desperate for real cock

Sometimes in this job you meet a babe who hits you like a tornado. Tallulah arrived here and proved herself to be one of the greatest sluts to have graced the annals of The first thing she did, was to produce from her handbag one of the biggest dildos I've ever seen, measuring about 12" in diameter and about 15" long. She dangled the monstrosity, provocatively in front of Lara's camera and jammed the whole thing up her pussy in one go. Lara was so shocked, that she put her hand down the front of her jeans and started to furiously masturbate at the sight. Then, just to make things worse, Tallulah, extricates the dildo from her sodden minge and then squeezes, the whole length into her arse. Meanwhile, I'd locked myself in another room, squatting on the floor, biting my nails and quacking in terror, because I knew what was comin...


Kinky clobber from London
Columbia - Kinky clobber from London

When Columbia showed up I expected her to be from South America, don't ask me why, but in fact she was from South London, so she didn't even have a pair of maracas. But, what a slut, when I interviewed her she insisted that she was a"Shy, retiring sort of person, who likes romance". Well that soon went out of the window when she burst in clad in full, 100% KINKY CLOBBER and leapt on to my dick like a crazed Dervish. On top of this she insisted on a hot session of BUM-FUN and gladly squeezed my dick into her tight arse with a loud, guttural, groan.Yes, again, here's a girl that I must solemnly award a 10/10 for wanton sluttishness!


New realms of sluttishness 2
Jeni - New realms of sluttishness 2

Well folks,here's Part 2 of the Sluttiest Slut in Budapest, Jeni, who this week demands a rampant anal session. I don't know if there is unusual sun-spot activity at the moment, but suddenly I've been inundated with the most rampant sluts ever! Next week we have Columbia, no, she's not from Bogata, she's from South London, who behaves rather shockingly. The week after we have the crazed Tallulah from Birmingham, who started the proceedings by stuffing the biggest dildo I've ever seen, straight up her arse.In fact she's so BAD, I've given her a 12/10! To be honest, I'm not sure I can take much more of this bad behaviour from the girls! So stay tuned in for the upcoming updates.


New realms of sluttishness
Jeni - New realms of sluttishness

Sometimes a cute babe appears that pushes the "envelope" of sluttishness to new levels previously unknown to Man. A babe you would DEFINITELY NOT take home to meet Mother! Yes, if Jeni were a mountaineer (and a bloke) she'd be Sir Edmund Hilary or if she were an astro physicist, with Motor Neurone Disease, she'd be Stephen Hawking. She bravely teetered in her high heels into new realms of sluttishness and in my opinion should hang her head in shame at her behaviour. I hereby, by the power invested in my position as Jim Slip award her 11/10 for sluttishness! Next week she gets even worse!


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